Prop Data API

Welcome to the Prop Data API (Version 1)


The Prop Data API is a restful api service powered by zato which we use to communicate with all of our client websites. Our API sits behind an API Gateway which we use for authentication and further control over the API

Please note that the API is not intended for use in any real-time application or to display real-time data on a 3rd party website front end. It is recommended that all data is stored on an external database for outbound feeds

When sending API call related issues to our support, we require the raw request in order to speedily provide assistance. Therefore, we strongly advise all vendors to make logging raw requests part of the solution they are building


Inbound Integrations

This is defined as in integration where you would feed data into the client website

  • All stock would need to be imported into your system.
  • Reference numbers for existing stock needs to remain the same.
  • A staging website will be set up with a dump of the clients website for you to dev your integration on. Once you have completed integration, the client will then need to run through the website and give us the go ahead to go live.

Outbound Integrations

This is defined as in integration where you would consume data from the client website

  • For each listing that is imported, you will need to ensure that we are being notified of it (see Listing Logs). You will need to post a log for each listing import you do. This is to notify the client that you have successfully imported a listing.
  • All electronic leads generated need to be pushed into the Prop Data management system(see Leads). This is to ensure that the client can manage all their leads from one place.
  • The client will need to request that we set you up on their website for integration. We can only activate you as a consumer for website on the clients request.

Talking to our developers

We suggest using Slack for communication! Get in touch with us to get it set up! You can also send us emails, skype messages. Whatever works for you!


Please refer to the schema before reading the below


Need help?

For any support related query, please email or call our offices on 031 266 0035. Please include the raw request you are making wherever possible